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RS Barcelona RS3 Wood Gold Foosball Table

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5-6 Weeks
RS Barcelona RS3 Wood Gold Foosball Table



Gold, metal and wood. The RS3 Wood Gold football table proves that this game can be played in a dinner suit or an evening dress. Elegance and gameplay in a luxury football table.


Designed by: Rafael Rodríguez

The RS3 Wood Gold football table is the first item of our most sophisticated collection: the Gold Edition. This collection features subtle, elegant gold touches, combined with metal and wood. Understated, creating a harmonious whole.

We’ve dressed our RS3 Wood football table to the nines. A bespoke suit with 24k gold-plated details, such as the goal counter, ball bearings and leg screws. We’ve dressed the players in gold and silver chrome plating and we’ve dyed the iroko wood legs to achieve a dark tone, while maintaining the texture and elegance of the grain. These glamorous touches combine with the black frame to create a unique, distinguished item.

The RS3 Wood Gold offers the same features and gameplay as all the other football tables in our range: full playability, shot power, stability and toughness.

Although the RS3 Wood Gold looks like a museum piece, it is in fact a football table to be used with all the intensity required by this game. And it proves that table football can be a glamorous sport that can be played in a bowtie or high heels.

The RS3 Wood Gold is manufactured in steel with cataphoretic coating process and a polyester paint finish to give it luster and shine outdoors as well.

With this luxury football table, RS Barcelona is launching a very special collection of some of its most iconic products, which it has named the Gold Edition. The result: 24k gold-plated gameplay in which the details sparkle.

It comes with the field a little bit concave, so the ball doesn't stop moving. This way the game is more dynamic.

The RS2 Gold also forms part of this sophisticated collection.


Structure: Steel with cataphoretic coating process and micro textured powder coated polyester paint.

Legs: Black stained iroko wood.

Field: HPL.

Players: Cast aluminium.

Handles: Wood.


Measures (LxWxH) 59.5x51x36 in / 151x128x92 cm

Weight 114 kg / 251.3 lb


Ball set: 7 units (5 standard balls and 2 silent balls)

2 extra players: 1 per team


The products we love and appreciate, those that are part of our everyday luxury, also deserve luxury care. Our pieces are crafted of high quality materials to last over time. Although age can catch up with us, it is possible to preserve their original appeal and beauty by caring for them regularly to protect them from environmental elements and the effects of time, specially the pieces you enjoy outdoors.

Carefully read the advice and tips detailed in the User Manual that is included with each product and which you can download by scanning the QR code.

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